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We Are Windham's

Moms & Dads



The Windham MOMS Club is a 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to Moms offering Moms Support.  In 2017 the Windham MOMS Club broadened this mission by accepting our first two dads into the club!  We're a large organization, currently counting about 185 families as members, but we don't let our size get in the way of offering fellowship and service to each other and our wonderful town. 



   What do we do?   

Service Projects


Blood Drives, Car Seat Safety Clinics, Building Playgrounds and so much more!  The Windham MOMS Club is dedicated to giving back to our amazing community in so many ways. 



We plan club wide outings throughout the year such as tours of the local fire station, apple picking, or family bowling!  These sometimes occur during weekdays but often during week nights or evenings too! 



We run recurring weekly playgroups throughout the year, depending on interest levels, but we also have members step up to offer single playgroups in their homes or in locations around town.

MOMS Night Out


Once a month we'll plan an evening event for parents only (without the kids) to allow socializing, and bonding between the MOMS.  We may do a dinner, a movie, a spa night, a wine tasting, or even an escape the room!

Coffee Dates


We currently have a regular MOMS coffee date once a month, on Thursday mornings but often add impromptu coffee events throughout the year.

Town Wide Events

We plan the annual Windham Daycare and Preschool Fair as well as support other town wide events such as Harvest Festival, Strawberry Festival, and many others!


   The club in action!   



Email us directly at


to find out more about becoming a member or working with the club.



Applying for membership can be done in just three simple steps:


(2) Schedule a meeting with our membership chair to confirm you are a parent in Windham, NH or to apply for an out-of-bounds membership if you are not

(3) Pay the $25 annual dues and sign a legal waiver; online links for both of these items will be provided by the membership chair once steps 1 and 2 are completed. 


   Upcoming Events   

The club uses a private Facebook group for ongoing discussion and support of our members and Meetup to organize events.  Visit our meetup page to see examples of upcoming events (note attendance and event details are restricted to members only).